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Enter into the culinary arts & practices of solar cooking – Ask About “GROUP-BUY” DISCOUNTS with Cooking Lessons!

Whether you found us by accident or you’re an experienced solar chef; we always welcome  innovative contributors to our site. Our mission is to provide & share practical information about an economical and easy-to-use solar appliance. If you simply want to find reliable, USA manufactured products with established track records;  then order your first ovens now and get started with our SOLAR cooking services today. If you are “fed up” with having no choices and no control over your energy resources, and you are ready now to take the next green power steps; then let us help you “take back” more control over your energy lifestyle.



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With the American Southwest’s abundant natural resource of sunlight, we know summertime is the best season for solar cooking, when everyone can find a sunny spot in their backyard, patio, or RV campsite. Start preheating your ovens and “Think Like a Sundial©”. Begin to discover the many rewarding lifestyle benefits with these fun and fire-safe, outdoor cooking practices.




We sell & deliver quality solar ovens which we have used ourselves for years. Treat your family & friends to a new How To – Solar cooking experience. Customers have even commented how using a solar oven, helps reduce their air conditioning bills by keeping that kitchen cooking heat outside; while their strict orthodox, dietary cooking practices can still be followed in a kosher manner.

What do you think when you hear the words –solar cooking?  Without direct experience, it’s hearsay…. Let us help debunk the myths & misinformation about solar cooking!

We are all about teaching, showing, and spreading the  5 – W’s of sun cooked foods (Who, What, Where, When, and Why) , because the use of this emerging art has already proven itself a valuable fire-safe, non-polluting, and a personal carbon offset reducer. By learning how to cook off-the-grid, solar ovens can also become a part of your emergency preparedness planning as well.

San Diego Solar Ovens is proud to carry high quality made products from the USA.   Schedule a Unique Cooking Experience!

Your purchases will help develop new green product innovations and manufacturing jobs right where we need them – in America. Empower Yourself Today!

Most solar ovens are designed to bake, boil, and steam foods. It’s great outdoor fun & pleasing skill when you learn how to catch sunlight, our natural gift of solar radiation, and use it to cook healthy, delicious family meals!

We offer you quality products over a choice of prices to help get you started within your present budget. Solar cooking is an emerging, culinary cooking skill that’s fire-safe, non-polluting; completely off-the-grid; and becomes an important part of anyone’s emergency preparedness kit!

You’ll discover many benefits to your personal lifestyle as you learn to “Think Like a Sundial”©;  and with a little preplanning, you’ll be hosting  your own tasty, solar cooking events. So get started now and checkout our blog for recipes being shared; or find our video links to see and hear what other folks are saying about their outdoor solar cooking practices. Our social media’s purpose is to share and spread the personal empowerment of solar cooking.






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